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What To Do If My Cat Does Not Eat

by Funny Cat on February 11, 2020

Being hungry is possibly the clearest evidence that an animal is in good health. Because lack of appetite can be a symptom many diseases. Therefore, if our cat does not feel like eating, it might be necessary to go to the veterinarian.

When our state of health is good, our diet is also good. We want to eat and we feel strongly to face the challenges the day. The same thing happens to cats. Appetite is a sign of good health. It is the loss of this desire that should worry us, because it could be due to the suffering of some disease.

What problems can hide my cat’s lack of appetite?

There are mild ones, such as gingivitis, but there are also others that are more serious.

  • Oral problems: gingivitis, broken teeth and cuts can be annoying for the animal and will prevent it from eating normally. It is possibly the main cause of the cat not being hungry.
  • Gastrointestinal or renal problems: intestinal occlusion, parasites, inflammation of the pancreas or intestine; ingestion of a foreign body, presence of ulcers, chronic renal failure (usually quite common in older cats ), etc. It is also important to rule out the presence of tumor diseases.

How to get my cat to eat?

The first thing we have to do is go to the veterinarian to rule out that the cause is related to a health problem. If the specialist dictates that the cat is in perfect condition; he will recommend taking medicines to try to stimulate his desire to eat.

If you are small or if you do not eat anything; you can advise that we give you liquid food through a syringe or a tube. We must know that it is important that the cat does not spend a lot of time without eating; because it can have fatal consequences for your health. Therefore, if there is no problem behind, we must start as soon as possible with these measures; so that the cat regains its appetite and its life is not at risk.

In any case, it is important that we observe our friend and discard other possible causes that may also condition their appetite decreases; such as changing food, a move or a recent trip, for example. If the problem is this, it will be enough to wait a few days so that, little by little; the animal becomes accustomed to its new food or its routine. In any case, a consultation with the veterinarian will get rid of doubts and will prevent those days without eating from leading to other complications.


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